Thursday, 12 December 2013

KTM RC 390 And RC 200 Soon Sizzle Out On Indian Road

Magnificently, jaw breaker news blown form the house of Austrian bike creator KTM when the company marked a strong footprint by means of displayed  RC 200 and RC 390 sportbikes. There rose an alternate wave of energy when it developed that KTM India could be pondering carrying the 200cc and 375cc RC models to India. Also now, KTM India site has took us off guard by implying that these bicycles could come to us much sooner than we anticipated.

Meanwhile, as can  be seen leading the pack picture, the official KTM India site proclaims that the RC 200 and RC 390 are 'advancing soon to India'. We feel that it is a clue enough that the two bicycles might be formally presented in our bicycle advertise not long after the approach of next financial. As we have been stating, these bicycles will be provincially transformed in the nation and might be just pricier than their Duke kin.

It may be noted that both the bikes superbly offer the engines with their Duke partners and this implies that while the RC 200 gets a 200cc 25 Ps engine, the greater RC 390 gets a 375cc 43.5 Ps motor. The RC200 and RC 390 tip the scales at 137.5 kg and 147 kg separately. It is normal that Bajaj Auto Ltd, the Indian accomplice of KTM, might put on presentation both the KTM RC 200 and the KTM RC 390 at its structure at the approaching 2014 Indian Auto Expo, which might  happen in February from next year at par.

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