Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Find the best features of pulsar bike

The key feature of Baja bike is its patent technologies. The Bajaj bikes are considered as the kingly bikes of India, as it affords to have patent engineering. The DTS-I and ExhausTEC engine offer the bikes with a standard class thrashing capabilities of 15 PS power generation and mileage up to 65 Km/liter. These features are unmatched in Indian market. And that is why; the product labeled as Bajaj Pulsar is addressed with “King of The Road.” Moreover, there are other traits also in Baja Pulsar like disc brake, alloyed helms, and widened rear tyres. These all together offer superior performance and better fuel-efficiency as well.
Bajaj Bikes Wallpapers

As in, the product was engineered to beat the triumph drum after a required time-period since its launch, thus, such insight was required and that is why; success is all theirs (Bajaj’s). The Bajaj Pulsar, even if, is out in different variants, but it carries the same dignity and always get engrossed in maintaining its status among all the fellow leaders. In furthermore details, its huge fuel tanker, and hostile LOGO makes it look much hard lined. Bajaj Pulsar is best at its highest speed and lower speed as well. Because, it wheelbases are much flat with comfortable features with higher ground clearance. Apart from these, Black Bajaj Pulsar makes one’s societal dignity much higher with no on-road hindrances.

Its uplifted back seat makes the back sitter feel much comfy and cozy because of its high quality of seat materials. The item is snug while on move and never let you feel looking at others. Some of its technical specifications should also be described to enhance its dignity:

Engine Displacement: 134.6cc.
Engine Type: DTS-I, Air Cooler.
No. of Cylinder -1
Power: 13.5 PS
Torque: 11.4 Nm.
Fuel Type- Petrol
Priced at Rs. 59, 492

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